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天球駆けるスプートニク 未到の空往く運送屋




ここでは、このライト・ノベルの最初の数ページを日本語から英語に翻訳した短いティーザーを紹介します。 私は本当にそれを読むのが好きなので、私は愛のいくつかを広めると思った。 光の小説を読んで、私は徐々に日本語で上達しました...

出版社は、小山0のサブレーベルであり、灰と幻想のグリムガル、より一般的には幻想のグリムガーとも呼ばれる本を出版した。 去年はアニメを手に入れました。 小説0は主に、男性の聴衆にアピールする主人公との本を出版しています。 最近、私は小説0の本をたくさん読んで興味がありましたが、それほど時間がありません。




とにかく、私が「Sputnik」と略記するこの本は、空が危険な粒子や衛星によって制御される黙示録的な世界について語っている。 このように、誰が商品を最も速く配達することができるかを知る競争があります。 私はこの小説について知っていました。なぜなら、より一般的には「しる」として知られていた赤十字がその写真を描いていたからです。


July, 7 year 2x3x AD , Japan standard time 16 hours 32 minutes 16 seconds – At that moment, humanity was robbed of the sky.


The entire sky was covered, and the surface of the Earth was smothered by infinite rays of light.


Those rays of light pierced through currently orbiting, artificial satellites and flying aircrafts, shooting them down in the process.


The first direct casualties of this phenomenon numbered around 900,000 victims.


The following casualties from the falling debris and resulting conflagrations was thought to be above 5 million victims.


After the rains of light that brought about the tragic destruction stopped, small golden particles fluttered through the air. These particles were thought to be the cause of the electromagnetic interference throughout the world.


As a result of the sudden jamming of radio wave frequencies, over a hundred million people lost their lives.


Humankind was dealt a serious blow, and named the unidentified objects that flew throughout the sky, “satellite.”


In total, there existed 72 of these free-flying “satellites.”


As of now, the number of people that knew of human ambitions to gaze upon the Earth from the far-reaching sky was – nonexistent.




“Listen up, trainee. There's rules to this sky, you know. It's not something that we made up, rather, they were decided by “satellite.”


As the man was talking on a particular ultra-low flight ship, he pointed to a clear, blue sky without even a hint of a single cloud.


The said ULF ship was currently moored at a port. Various business and trade tools covered the silver ship while automated machines were moving and stacking freight onto the harbor.


“Someone...asked the the “satellite” about the rules?”


From a bench on the port, I looked up at the tall man's moving jaw while asking the question.


Warm...super warm...


The sunlight scorched the boat, causing the concrete and the metal of the boat to emit a certain odor. That odor mixed with the sea breeze and prickled at my nose.


The scraping of the surface of the six-wheeled automated machines along with the operating noise from the same machines was annoying enough. Yet, this added more to the already dazzling reflection of the silver machinery, causing even more irritation.


I really wanted to move away from this area right now. Yet, my troublesome mouth-


“Nah, that’s not it. Those self-important calamities of the sky, “satellite”...They so kindly gave me their explanation. So far, from the data gathered from shot down victims of “satellite,” mankind could only guess here and there as to the cause. We’ve never received an actual reply, but we operate under the rules of the sky and fly alongside it, yeah?”




My stomach was nearly empty, so the words of the tall man barely made it into my head.


Already how long has it been since I had a decent meal?


Oh, I remembered on the way when I was riding the ULF that I was eating a hamburger.


The thought of the last eaten meal caused my mouth to water, but when I opened my mouth, the warm air instantly dried my mouth.


“The first and foremost thing that you need to be mindful of is altitude. The “safe belt” is the place where “satellite” can’t see you, and it starts from the surface of the ground until 33 feet in the air. This altitude is known as the “first line” and your likelihood of being targeted gradually increases the higher you go from here. Though, the nearby “Revon belt” has also had its own share of downed aircrafts. The problems start from 200 feet above the ground. From here, you enter the field of the “limit belt” where being shot down is no random occurrence. As the “Air Wolf,” we definitely-”


The tall man speaking proudly suddenly winced.


This kind of talk, it’s not worth worrying about.


My goal is to unload all these goods. I don’t pilfer food or things with value, just loiter around this port.


That time, when I called out to this person, the momentary, yet suitable excuse was awkward.

I, too, yearned to be like the tall man who was part of “Air Wolf.” I had an interest in ULF vehicles, so I came to this port. In order to curry favor, I went and started a conversation that I shouldn’t have.


Because of the tall man who believed in his words and subsequently started giving a lecture, I ended up in a hopeless and endless situation of listening to uninteresting chatter.


“If you understand that it’s easy to build a ship with a simple propellor and jet engine, then you can appreciate that the fact that our ship has the newest SD engine. The cost was exorbitant, so there’s nothing we could do about that. Boy, no matter how many years you took, you couldn’t afford such a piece of technology. So, first, you should start off somewhere in Revon-”


The active member of “Air Wolf” gave me earnest advice with a serious demeanor.


-Air Wolf.


In this era of blockades in the sky, that’s what the people of the Revon belt named this particular organization that flew through the sky in ultra low-level flight-boats (ULF). They challenged the sky by using low altitude vehicles to make high speed deliveries.


Why did they call that group “Wolf” when the similar-sounding name “ULF” already exists for the name of a ship…


I’m a simple person. I thought of the group’s name as slightly strange, but the people that ride ULFs assertively called them “Air Wolf”, so I’ll use that name for them as well.


Somehow, the name sounds frightening enough to tug at one’s heartstrings, am I right?


As for “Air Wolf” themselves, they could transport goods that would have been late or goods that are urgently needed in massive quantities.


Because of the service “Air Wolf” provided, their profits were extremely large. It seemed like these daredevils were making their succession into the marketplace.


However, I am - not a daredevil.